New Season Fertiliser

The new season fertiliser market is slowly getting underway.

Prices are in the market for a range of products. Typically:

Gran Urea – £345/T

UK 34.5 – £295/T

Lithan 34.4 – £280/T

Polish 34.4- £271/T


Some of you are also looking at Sulphur based nitrogen products.

We currently have:

Compound – 26N 37S03 – £283/T


Attached below (in PDF form) are some independant spread test results showing the Coefficient of Variation (C of V) in spread pattern of Nitram, Pulan Polish and Lithan.

All the tests were carried out on the same day, with the same equipment over a 24metre spread pattern.


The results, in order of ranking, are as follows:

File Downloads (PDF): Click to download

1. Pulan

2. Lithan

3. Nitram



For a quote, or to discuss anything further please contact the office on 01759 302003


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