Spring Naked Oat Contract for Harvest 2013

We are looking for a number of growers to supply a limited tonnage of Naked Oats for Harvest 2013.

Spring oats have become a popular alternative for growers in the North of England, providing both a useful and profitable spring alternative.

Additionally, the ‘fixed premium over a feed wheat base’ concept provides the best possible assurance of value from a crop which has developed a growing demand in both the human food and animal feed market.

Preferred variety LENNON is a HGCA recommended, short stemmed variety with good standing power and high oil content.

Terms and Conditions:

Movement: Crop movement is at the buyers call between October 2013 – June 2014.

Price: The final ex-farm price paid is a £45/T premium over a base feed price, which is calculated based on the HGCA value for ex-farm feed wheat during the week of crop movement. Payment will be made 28 days from date of movement.

Moisture: Maximum of 14%.

Admixture: Maximum of 2%.

 Specific Weight: Minimum of 63kg/hl.

For more information or to secure your contract please contact either Kevin Anderson or Emma Croft:

Office: 01759 302003

Fax: 01759 306042

Email: info@andersongrainmarketing.co.uk

Kevin Anderson: 07736 544033

Emma Croft: 07435 754278

Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd, Northfield Farm, Flat Lane, Barmby Moor, York YO42 4DG

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