The first of many

Hello and welcome to our new blog.

The idea of this blog is not to overload you with the “technical stuff” – but to keep you informed of day to day market activity (and inactivity for that matter). Knowing price movement is one thing, but understanding the fundamentals causing this movement is another and is key to negotiating the best opportunity for you to bring your crop to market.

Farmers Weekly have reported that up to 60% of you are now using smartphones. You are now more interested in the likes of Email, online blogging and even twitter than anyone ever anticipated and with Wireless technologies now reaching even the most remote of sites (yes, even in your tractor), accessing day to day grain marketing information has never been easier.

See here for example (an article posted on Tuesday by Farmers Weekly on the benefits of this kind of information to farmers):

So here goes… Let the blogging commence.

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