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Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd

Anderson Grain Marketing Limited

Anderson Grain Marketing Limited is an independent grain merchant business based in the Vale of York, East Yorkshire. Trading with farmers across the North of England, Anderson Grain Marketing Limited aims to provide individual farmers with equally personal and professional advice on all aspects of grain trading. The company was founded by Kevin Anderson, who has over 25 years of experience within the industry. Commencing trading in 2002, Anderson Grain Marketing Limited originates from a philosophy which not only primarily differentiated it from the major players, but characterises the company today;

  • Farmers are producing crops that belong in a global market, but still prefer to trade locally.
  • Farmers still prefer to conduct trade in person, on the farm or around the kitchen table.
  • Farmers still prefer to know that the same local haulier will collect their produce.
  • Farmers still prefer to be known as people, not account numbers.
  • Modern technology, worldwide communication and information systems should support this and not preclude it.

Anderson Grain Marketing Limited, whilst trading as a traditional merchant, offers bespoke grain marketing advice and pricing based around the individual farmers requirement; taking into account varietal choice at sowing, likely end-user needs, farm drying and storage capacity and cash flow requirements of each unique farm business. As technology has progressed and the means of communication have advanced, the UK food supply chain has expanded across the globe, placing British farmers directly within a worldwide industry. On the one hand this has resulted in access to markets and information from all over the world; and thus a wider range of profitable cropping opportunities.

On the other hand however, as a counteraction of this expansion, we have undeniably entered an era of merchant contraction. In a vain attempt to drive cost out of their business models, the grain marketing sector over the last thirty years has undergone a phase of both amalgamation and centralisation, resulting in a handful of country-wide players.

Whilst such a transformation has indeed given British farming an edge in the right direction, it has arrived at the expense of what initially distinguished this industry; mutually beneficial, long standing farmer-merchant relationships.

There are however an equally small number of merchants who do not conform to this pattern; who still stand for on-farm business interactions and a personalised approach to balancing the needs of global end-users with local farm-sellers.

The in-depth local knowledge of its farmer customers also allows Anderson Grain Marketing to place a range of niche buy-back contacts on behalf of end users with growers who are ideally suited to produce the quality required by the consumer concerned. Typically the range of products on buyback includes malting barley, milling wheat, OSR, linseed, naked oats, peas, and beans.