Fusarium Mycotoxins

Featured in farmers weekly’s arable section this week is an interesting article on the impact that the current wet weather is having on this year’s yield potential – and on the already severe mycotoxins pressure.

“With most areas receiving 200% of normal rainfall in June (East Yorkshire is certainly one of these areas) around the time of flowering, mycotoxins risk from fusarium head blight is severe”.

Brushing up on your mycotoxins knowledge then is becoming increasingly important – and there is plenty of information available online. Here are a few links to get you started:

The HGCA have designed an online risk assessment tool for Fusarium Mycotoxins in wheat. The tool is quick and easy to use and the risk for multiple fields can be found, saved and altered depending on the variables you input:


The HGCA topic sheet for fusarium mycotoxins in wheat can be found here:


For more general information/publications including resources for the field, store and other useful links see here:


Farmers Weekly are also currently running a feature on mycotoxins and the increased risk for their development this year:




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