Wholesale Terms and Conditions for the 2012/13 Marketing Season

Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd

Wholesale terms and conditions for the purchase of Grain, Pulses and Oilseeds for the 2012/13 marketing season

To fulfil the requirement of UFAS SECTION 1.1 & 1.1.1

“Food/feed ingredients should be traded in accordance with specifications and defined contractual terms (contractual terms often include a recognised industry contract as well as companies own terms and conditions). Food/feed ingredient specifications and terms must be confirmed in a contract confirmation and be precise and unambiguous” (January, 2012)


Grain Quality

  • Quality specifications are to be agreed at the time of purchase.
  • All grains supplied must be free from mould, heated grain (grain is not acceptable above 20 degrees C), burnt grain, green grain, animal droppings and objectionable smell or taste. Additionally, all grain must be of merchantable quality and fit for purpose and entry into the feed/food chain.
  • All goods are warranted to have been grown in the UK unless specifically agreed otherwise at the time of transaction.
  • All deliveries must comply with the EU maximum permissible limit for Fusarium mycotoxins, including DON, ZON and OTA.
  • Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd reserves the right to reject any grains, pulses or oilseeds that are found to contain any insects (whether dead or alive).
  • Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd reserves the right to reject ANY grains, pulses or oilseeds that demonstrate ANY traces of ergot.
  • The variety of the grain or pulse contracted must be quoted on the driver’s delivery ticket. All purchases for a specific variety or varietal group may be subject to electrophoresis test. Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd reserves the right to deduct claims including testing costs should the variety prove to be non-contractual.
  • Unless otherwise informed, Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd assumes that supplying merchant/farm sellers are certified to a recognised certification scheme (e.g. TASCC, GTAS, ACCS etc.). All goods purchased by the buyer shall be assured under Red Tractor Farm Assurance or another recognised farm assurance scheme.
  • Non-Assured Grain will be accepted only if it is specifically agreed at the time of contract.
  • Were required all suppliers must meet the EU renewable energy directive 2009/28 when supplying sustainably traced combinable crops for final prices use in the biomass sector.
  • All goods are purchased on end-receivers terms and unless otherwise agreed are purchased on the following specifications:



Protein                       13%

Hagberg                      250’s

Hectolitre                   Minimum 76kg/hl                                                                             

Moisture                     Maximum 15%          

Sprouted Grains        Maximum 6%

Admixture                  Maximum 2%



FEED WHEAT:                        

Hectolitre                   Minimum 72kg/hl                                                                             

Moisture                     Maximum 15%          

Sprouted Grains        Maximum 6%

Admixture                  Maximum 2%




Hectolitre                   Minimum 63kg/hl

Nitrogen                     Maximum 1.8% on winter varieties

                                       Maximum 1.85% on spring varieties (excl. Belgravia)                    

Moisture                     Maximum 15%                                                                                              

Sprouted Grains        0                                 

Admixture                  Maximum 2%

Screenings                  Maximum 4% for 2.25mm sieve, 8% for 2.5mm


FEED BARLEY:                        

Hectolitre                   Minimum 63kg/hl

Moisture                     Maximum 15%

Sprouted grains         Maximum 6%

Admixture                  Maximum 2%



Moisture                     Maximum 14%

Admixture                  Maximum 2%



Moisture                     Maximum 9%

Admixture                  Maximum 2%

Oil Content                Minimum 40%



Grain Collection and Delivery

  • Deliveries are administered on a load-by-load basis. Each load will be required to conform to the original sample or the contractual specification, unless otherwise agreed. Every effort will be made by Anderson Grain Marketing Ltd to give sellers as much notice as possible prior to the collection of grain, pulses or oilseeds.
  • Delivery schedules will be based on tonnage; load size will be assumed to be about – but not in excess of 30 tonnes.
  • Deliveries will not be accepted on tractor drawn trailers unless previously agreed.
  • All delivery vehicles must comply with the TASCC code of practice for road Haulage AND MUST BE ASSURED.
  • All site health and safety rules must be observed at each destination.
  • Weighbridge charges are subject to location, irrespective of load size.



Claims and Specifications

  • Any request for a retest or independent analysis must be received within five business days from the date of delivery.

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